Typical Time For Procedure: 30 to 60 minute
Typical Length of Stay Post-Procedure: 1 to 2 hours until the sedative wears off.
Preparation: Liquid Diet 1-3 Days, Prescribed Laxatives

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What is a Colonoscopy?
Colonoscopy is a procedure that enables your physician to observe your large intestine, from the rectum, through the colon to the lower end of the small intestine utilizing a small instrument called an “colonoscope.” This procedure is utilized to check for early signs of cancer, diagnose the causes of changes or abnormalities in bowel habits or assess other digestive issues of the large intestine such as inflammation of tissue, abnormal growths, ulcers, and rectal bleeding.

What Can You Expect?
During the procedure you will lie on your left side upon an examining table. You will likely receive a pain medication and a mild sedative to help you feel comfortable and to relax during the exam. A long, flexible tube that affixed with a small light will be gently inserted into your rectum and slowly placed into your colon. The flexible colonoscope will transmis images of the colon to a computer so your 7 Hill GI specialist can carefully examine the tissue lining of the colon. The colonoscope is used to blow air into your colon to inflate the space for improved visibility. Occasionally, your doctor may engage your assistance by asking you to change move to a help position the colonoscope for better imaging views.
Abnormalities found can be removed in part or whole using extremely small instruments inserted through the scope. That tissue sample (biopsy) is collected for testing.Bleeding in the colon can be stopped using a laser, heater probe, or electrical probe, or via special medicines injected through the scope.

A completely empty colon is necessary for a thorough and safe procedure. You may be asked to follow a fat-free, liquid diet for 1 to 3 days before the procedure. Several types of laxatives may be prescribed the night before the procedure. Special Instructions may apply to you.

Acceptable Foods Fat-free bouillon or broth

  • Strained fruit juice
  • Water
  • Plain coffee/Plain tea
  • Gelatin or popsicles NO RED Colored Foods

Inform your physician of any medical conditions or medications that you take before the colonoscopy.