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Getting the answers to your health questions and concerns sometimes requires diagnostic examinations that provide more information about your specific body systems. A colonoscopy is a test that allows specialists like the board-certified gastroenterologist, Vishnu Reddy, MD, at 7 Hill Gastroenterology, LLC, in Ocala, Florida, to evaluate your rectum and colon to confirm or rule out a suspected diagnosis. For expert gastrointestinal care that includes on-site colonoscopies, contact the office by phone or use the online booking tool today.

Colonoscopy Q & A

What is a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a procedure that enables the gastroenterology specialists at 7 Hill Gastroenterology, LLC, to observe your large intestines without the need for surgery. During a colonoscopy, your gastroenterologist uses a small instrument called a colonoscope that captures video of your large intestines, starting at your rectum and through your colon to the lower end of the small intestines. 

Why would I need a colonoscopy?

Your gastroenterologist at 7 Hill Gastroenterology, LLC, discusses in detail with you why you need a colonoscopy. You may benefit from the diagnostic test to diagnose a change in bowel habits or a gastrointestinal abnormality, such as tissue inflammation, abnormal growths, or rectal bleeding.

The colonoscopy may also be recommended as a screening tool for colon cancer

How do I prepare for a colonoscopy?

Your gastroenterologist at 7 Hill Gastroenterology, LLC, provides specific instructions on how to prepare for your colonoscopy. Proper preparation is essential, so your gastroenterologist gets the best results. 

Your colon needs to be completely empty to ensure you get a thorough and safe procedure. You may be asked to follow a fat-free liquid diet for one to three days before the procedure. You may also be prescribed laxatives to take the night before the exam to help remove stool from your large intestines.

What can I expect during a colonoscopy?

7 Hill Gastroenterology, LLC, performs colonoscopy procedures at the on-site surgical center, Central Florida Endoscopy & Surgical Institute of Ocala, LLC. During your procedure, you lie on your left side on the exam table. Before the exam, you’re given a mild sedative and pain medication to ease the discomfort during your colonoscopy.

Once you’re prepped, your gastroenterologist inserts the colonoscope into your rectum and slowly moves the tube through your colon. The colonoscope transmits images of your colon to a computer screen that allows your specialist to examine your colon in real-time. Your gastroenterologist may request that you adjust your body at times to improve imaging.

If abnormalities are found, your specialist uses tiny instruments inserted through the colonoscope to remove them or collect a sample for biopsy. Your specialist uses a laser, heater probe, or electrical probe to stop any bleeding after the tissue is removed.

Due to the sedatives used during your colonoscopy, 7 Hill Gastroenterology, LLC recommends you arrange to have someone drive you home. A follow-up appointment is scheduled after your colonoscopy to review your results in detail.

For more information about the colonoscopies performed at 7 Hill Gastroenterology, LLC, call the office or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment today.