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Thanks to advances in diagnostic testing, board-certified gastroenterologist, Vishnu Reddy, MD, at 7 Hill Gastroenterology, LLC, can evaluate your digestive tract using a noninvasive procedure like an endoscopy. For your convenience, endoscopy procedures at 7 Hill Gastroenterology, LLC, are performed at the on-site surgical facility, Central Florida Endoscopy & Surgical Institute of Ocala, LLC. To schedule a consultation, call the office in Ocala, Florida, or request an appointment online today.

Endoscopy Q & A

What is an endoscopy?

An endoscopy is a procedure in which your doctor uses an instrument called an endoscope to look inside your body. The endoscope is a thin, flexible tube equipped with a camera that transmits images in real-time to a computer monitor that allows your doctor to evaluate your tissue to assess for abnormalities. 

In addition to providing diagnostic information, endoscopy may also be used to perform a procedure, such as a biopsy. 

What are the types of endoscopy?

There are many types of endoscopy procedures. At 7 Hill Gastroenterology, LLC, the endoscopy procedures include:

Upper endoscopy 

The upper endoscopy is an evaluation of your upper digestive tract, including your esophagus, stomach, and the beginning of your small intestines (duodenum). Your specialist at 7 Hill Gastroenterology, LLC, may suggest an upper endoscopy to evaluate the cause of unexplained symptoms, such as persistent heartburn, unexpected weight loss, or abdominal pain.


The colonoscopy is a procedure that evaluates your large intestines, including your rectum and colon. Your specialist may request a colonoscopy to evaluate the underlying cause of your abdominal pain or bloody stools. The colonoscopy may also be used to screen for colon cancer.

Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)

The ERCP combines endoscopy with additional imaging, such as an X-ray or ultrasound, to evaluate the drainage ducts in your pancreas, gallbladder, and liver. 

Endoscopic ultrasonography (EUG)

An EUG combines ultrasound and endoscopy to evaluate your upper digestive tract. This diagnostic procedure may be recommended to assess for pancreatic cancer, esophageal cancer, or gastric cancer.

During this procedure, the endoscope is inserted in your mouth and passed to the problem area of the digestive tract. Then, the ultrasound generates images from within and outside your digestive tract to identify abnormalities.

How do I know if I need an endoscopy?

Your specialist at 7 Hill Gastroenterology, LLC, is an experienced gastroenterologist and determines if you would benefit from an endoscopy during an evaluation. You may benefit from the procedure to confirm or rule out a suspected diagnosis.

These procedures are performed using mild sedation and pain medication. You may be required to follow specific guidelines to prepare for the procedure, as well as arrange to have someone drive you home after you’ve completed your procedure.

An endoscopy provides valuable information about your digestive system, so you get an accurate diagnosis and the most effective treatment plan. To schedule a consultation with the specialists at 7 Hill Gastroenterology, LLC, call the office or use the online booking tool today.